Diapers Mimi Nice
Royal comfort 5 junior

weight 11-20 kg
46 pcs
Mimi Nice Royal comfort has the best basic specifications,
i.e. absorption rate, absorption level, reverse sorption.
You can buy the Mimi Nice Royal comfort diaper in our online store or from our partners.
About the product
These diapers are Incredibly soft and comfortable!
Thanks to the unique distribution channels, Mimi Nice Royal comfort diapers absorb liquid almost instantly and hold it securely inside.

Elastic Velcro together with elastic back of the diaper gives the baby a feeling of freedom, and ultra-breathable materials with high breathability level protect the baby's delicate skin from irritation and prevent itching.
Up to 12 hours of dryness and restful sleep
Mimi Nice Royal comfort diapers offer one of the best characteristics absorption, reverse sorption and fluid absorption rate at the market.

Due to Mimi Nice Royal comfort diapers, a mother can always remain calm that her baby's skin remains dry even after a long use of diaper
No leakage
Unique channel system evenly distributes fluid and blocks it inside
Elastic stickers and belt provide comfort and do not press on baby's tummy
Maximum absorption
Kalahari's innovative absorbent layer absorbs liquid twice as fast
Breathable outer layer
This layer ensures air circulation, eliminates the risk of irritation
Tested by dermatologists
These diapers are manufactured in accordance with European quality standards, does not contain fragrances
Gentle as cotton
These diapers are soft outside and inside, do not damage the baby's skin and give a feeling of comfort
Mimi Nice
Care of a baby is the main task of all parents! Everyone wants to give their kids the best. Only the diaper contacts with the baby's skin almost constantly, i.e. 24/7. That is why it is so important to choose soft, thin and safe diapers to keep baby's skin healthy.

Using ultra-modern materials and advanced technologies, we have created an innovative product Mimi Nice diapers.