How to calm a crying baby

How to calm a crying baby

Crying for a baby is a way of communication, but despite it is natural behavior, it will be useful to try to calm the crying baby. It is logical that parents will have a question: "How to calm the child?" This can sometimes be difficult task, but understanding the reasons will help you learn to calm crying baby. Remember: you are doing great.

Cry is a way to say something is wrong. When considering ways to calm crying baby, it is important to understand what is bothering him/her. Your baby may cry if:
1) he/she is hungry
2) the baby is bothered by belching or bloating
3) you need to change the diaper
4) he/she wants to sleep

It may seem to you that the swaddle resembles an outfit in a shameful shirt. But for a crying, restless baby, it's like returning to the womb. How tight can you wrap your baby? Tight enough so that he could not move his arms and legs freely.

Do a massage. Calming power of your own touch can make wonders, such as calming your baby or relieving colic. Many children love physical contact. Studies show that children who are massaged cry less and sleep better. Just undress the child and use slow, firm but gentle blows on his legs, arms, back, chest and face.

Massage the tummy of a child in clockwise direction or do "bicycle" exercise with you baby's legs to relieve pressure.